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This is a 4 week class meeting once a week for 1.5 hrs . You will learn basic crotchet skills and end the course with a completed project giving you to confidence to crotchet your next project on your own.

Cost: $ 165.00 - $ 182.00
This is a 5 week class meeting once a week for 2 hr . Your kids will learn basic crotchet skills and end the course with a completed project giving your Kids to confidence to crotchet their next project on their own.

Cost: $ 175.00 - $ 223.99
This beginner sock knitting class is designed for those eager to learn the fundamental techniques required to knit their own cozy, customized socks. Over the course of four weeks, participants will delve into the art of sock knitting, gaining confidence with each stitch as they create their very own pair of handmade socks.

Cost: $ 165.00
Discover the joy of creating a beautiful and functional picnic quilt that combines both artistry and practicality in this 5 week skill building quit top class.

Cost: $ 180.00
Work In Progress Night !! Come get those unfinished projects done without the distractions of home and surround yourself with other creative people. No more lugging your machine around with you to events! You will get to utilize our classroom sewing machines and tools ( cutting surface, rulers, rotary cutters, ect.).

Cost: $ 25.00
Have you ever wanted to buy that expensive yarn but were afraid you may not like working with it? Here is your chance to try before you buy!

Cost: $ 25.00
Unlock your creativity and learn to craft stylish and comfortable headbands without the need for any sewing! Great for all ages!!

Cost: $ 35.00
Join us for this captivating workshop and transform ordinary fabric into a work of art that brings the charm of cathedral windows into your home. Let your creativity shine as you sew a stunning 18 inch cathedral window quilted pillow that will be a treasured addition to your decor. Reserve your spot today and embark on this quilting journey with us!

Cost: $ 125.00
Join us for a day of creativity, craftsmanship, and comfort as you craft your very own quilted shoes. Walk away with not just a pair of shoes but a sense of accomplishment and the skills to continue creating your personalized footwear. Reserve your spot now and take a step towards handmade comfort!

Cost: $ 215.00 - $ 250.00
In this exciting class you will learn all the sewing basics you will need to use a sewing machine! At the end of this 2.5 hr class you will leave with a completed tote bag made by you.

Cost: $ 75.00 - $ 97.55

More classes & events coming soon!

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